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Positive Post Challenge

Honestly I thought this would be an everyday thing but who am I kidding I can barely keep a schedule with my everyday life without adding extra things to remember so I’ll just try a weekly one.

How much we need to be told this all the time. When it comes down to it, it is YOUR life you are in control!

I always need to be reminded that I’m strong. That this life is meant for me and that I can do it. Even when I am down in the dumps I guess I can find a way to ignore look pass the worse and see a little good. Of course not with out the help of the people around me cause you certainly can do it alone but who wants that!?

So for my positive note tonight I guess it would have to be that I am strong. Even at times when I think I am not strong enough, turns out I am! I may cry and whine but in the end I stick to something until there is no hope, negative attitude and all!!





I have a confession to make…

You probably can’t tell from my posts but I am a VERY negative person. You always see the little cartoons of the angel and devil on the shoulders, well mine are BIG POSITIVE & NEGATIVE cartoon faces on my shoulders and for whatever reason the negative gets my attention first every time and I find it really hard to ignore it!! I can make the a warm 75 degree sunshine light breeze picnic in the park with a rainbow, ponies and cake and find something negative about it. I always do!!


So my girl Megan, that I have talked about in earlier posts, has told me to make it a daily thing to make a Daily Positive Blog Post. Cause she is sick and tired of my constant negativity and I think she would like to shake the crap out of me most days. Which give her props for sticking by my moody, negative, selfish butt all this time!


SO POSITIVE THOUGHTS…. This is really hard without being shallow like “Oh I am healthy, I got money and roof over my head” Thanksgiving around the table ramblings.  I need real positive thinking OPEN MY BIG HAZEL EYES and see what this life has given me!!


What the heck I am going to be shallow, even though while “researching” aka searching Google for happy and mad faces, I saw a post with a 30 day challenge and it said your not shallow if you say that you love your eyes. So I will start this day off with a quick simple positive thought.


What I love about my eyes is that they are hazel/green, my favorite color, super boring right? NOPE, cause they change colors, well shades to be more on point. With my moods they can become more bright green or blue almost. Kind of neat when I notice it which isn’t often that I pay that much attention to myself let alone someone else paying that much attention to me. But still pretty neat. They are healthy as far as I can see, I made a funny, cause I have excellent vision. Yay no glasses for me…yet? Minus the headaches/migraines I get that put my left eye out of order sometimes, it is pretty nice to be able to see everything.


I get to see my wonderful, beautiful, magical and lovely daughters faces through these eyes.
I get to smell the fresh spring grass and run my fingers through it knowing it is the bright shade of green cause I am not color blind.
I get to make funny faces and flirt with my fiance’ with these sometimes naughty eyes. 😉
I could go on but I am going to spare you cause lets face it,  I’m missing my negativity already. Time to go water my plants that all are dying I swear cause it is never sunny out so they can’t grow!!

“The eyes are the window of the soul.” -English Proverb

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