Just Chilling

20130430-142619.jpgThat’s my baby iguana Shaggy! He be looking mad as hell so chill in this picture. He is helping me rock out my new nail color for you all. I got him back on February 20, just over 2 months ago. He still trying to get use to us but I’m sure he be cool and chill soon. We have plenty of time to get to know each other and have fun.

He is real small still which makes me nervous he is just going to jump off and hide in the house but he hasn’t yet. I charm him with nice warm baths and massages and he just melts in my lap and chills out.











At this point we aren’t able to tell if Shaggy is a male or female but after this I’m like he has to be male, he just chilling asleep on my chest just like a man would. But I love him anyway. I had one two three iguanas when I was young and they were pretty awesome. So as an adult when the opportunity presented itself I had to have him!


My brother rescued an iguana Iggy when we were young. Once we had him a few months and my younger brother had to have one too and we got a full grown iguana named Rex. When I say full grown I mean big, he was longer than our bathtub and we had a leash for him to walk him around our property. Unfortunately Iggy passed away because he was a rescue animal and was tortured,  we feel good that during the last of his life we were able to give him something better. Rex was a full grown adult male and he passed away in age. At least that is what we were told. We think he was lonely when my brother wasn’t with him cause he was at his moms half the time. After Rex passed away my younger brother decided he needed another one. He purchased a baby and he was evil a feisty little iguana. Rex Jr escaped his outdoor cage a few months after we had him. That’s when the iguana love stopped. It was a long 3 years for us all but with 8 kids in the house only so much we could take. But we loved each of them equally and Shaggy is now my iguana and I couldn’t be happier with my buddy.

I have every intention of having Shaggy in our lives for years to come and making him a big part of our soon to be blended family. I can totally be okay with just my lizard as our pet but I’m sure more to come. But I am very content!


Sexy Back Saturdays

Fitness Fun
So I fell off my Sexy Back Train, as I like to call it, but today I stepped back up and I think I did pretty well!



I walked a little more than I wanted to but I ran! I went out with a smile and a Bring It On mind set and when I got back I was like YES, I did it but OMG give me a drink and let me catch my breathe but I was still smiling! It isn’t where I was 7 months ago but I’ll be there in no time at all!
So if I can get out there and try, you can too!! It don’t matter how far you go or what you do, just get out there and exercise!! You won’t believe how good it feels and how good you’ll feel about yourself afterwards!!

Thanks for stopping by and hope I have gave you a little inspiration!!

Nails Nails Nails

This is my quick cover up on my nails with some new colors I bought over past few weeks!

I was hoping to do more of a difficult design layering but my patients wore thin today and it just wasn’t drying fast enough!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Hope I gave you some Nail Inspiration!

Nails Nails Nails

I removed Gel Polish at home and in 10 minutes(a hand)! I came out on the successful end but now looking at my nails I need some real TLC!





I love to do my nails so much!

I feel so great when I have some fresh polish and design on my fingers. I feel so special and confident. But I must confess that I am a baby nail expert! I was originally a nail biter so doing my nails and having LONG nails at that is foreign enough to me! I can use any tips you can throw my way! I got the idea above from the Lauren Conrad site. I just Googled cause I was going bonkers with the gel polish STILL on my nails and having new polish I wanted to use! But now I don’t think such a great idea to cover these and now it’s time to get some home remedy ideas and such to help my nails get their strength back and become healthy again. I should let you know for any tips you throw my way, I AM ON A BUDGET 😛 I mean who isn’t but it is like a $5 max a week if I am really good and don’t eat take out at all! I got a Meijer Store and a Walmart to get things I need. I have never been a online shopper but I could explore the idea a little more. I just really wish a Nail Shop existed near me that had all the stuff for nails!

I am hoping to do my girl Amy’s Nail Challenge that she has been participating in but I think I need to get my nails to a good place cause 30 days of nail designs and such are going to take a toll on them for sure!

Hope to hear from all of you fellow nail lovers



I have an iPhone, how bout you??
This is my iPhone and the pages of it. I am personally an Android fan but mine broke and was cheaper to get an iPhone and well my man has one so with him on the road we can be more connected!


I don’t have games on my phone or random apps I never use. I am big into each thing I have on my phone. What are some of your go to or can’t go without apps?

Just wanted to share a little something about me! This is how wherever I am I am CONNECTED. My applications include quite a few camera and editing apps, my gas app cause I travel a ton, my social apps and a few to keep me entertained.

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with my crazy randomness!

Where do you stand?

From the title of this you may think this is going to be some really deep thought out post about politics, religion or something along those lines but it is not. I am going to talk about something we all have to deal with and dread I’m sure.
The word makes me cringe. It sounds so awful and annoying. Me writing about drama is even worse cause it means I have drama in my life or I really like it. But who LIKES drama that just doesn’t sound right at all!

I’m sure you have told someone that they are a Drama Queen and drama is what they live for. I have even heard this cause I have definitely found myself in the midst of drama and made the wrong choices and next thing I know I’m in the middle of a tornado of drama and it is out of hand. That’s how drama is, its easy to get wrapped up in and consumes everything around you and then it ruins everything!

We have all kinds of remarks for people who LOVE drama. All kinds of come back and quotes about being above drama but isn’t even acknowledging the drama make you part of the drama? That’s the hard part when to ignore it and when to react.

Do you want to be labeled a drama queen?


People will go on and on about you, your life and all your business. Thinking they have heard enough from everyone else and the little they have seen that they can just tell your story for you. But you are the only one who knows your life. Like I said in an earlier post, it’s your life and you’re the one in control. So here’s my question, are you part of the drama by saying something back to defend yourself or someone else? Should you just ignore it cause well, if the person doesn’t know what’s going on must mean they aren’t a significant person in your life, so why bother? I want to at times just freak out when drama presents me with the chance to dive right it. But I’ve been trying this new concept called Ignoring It. It is really hard to rise above and walk away when someone is trying their hardest to get your attention and make you slip and watch you fall.


20130424-094059.jpgSo let me know what you think.

Some people love drama and don’t even see it as drama.

But it is such a nasty concept that how do we go about managing it in our own lives? 


2nd post

Positive Post Challenge

Honestly I thought this would be an everyday thing but who am I kidding I can barely keep a schedule with my everyday life without adding extra things to remember so I’ll just try a weekly one.

How much we need to be told this all the time. When it comes down to it, it is YOUR life you are in control!

I always need to be reminded that I’m strong. That this life is meant for me and that I can do it. Even when I am down in the dumps I guess I can find a way to ignore look pass the worse and see a little good. Of course not with out the help of the people around me cause you certainly can do it alone but who wants that!?

So for my positive note tonight I guess it would have to be that I am strong. Even at times when I think I am not strong enough, turns out I am! I may cry and whine but in the end I stick to something until there is no hope, negative attitude and all!!



From Kentucky Found To Michigan Ground

Lets do this!

Okay so I went on another vacation and this time to Kentucky! I updated you when I got there but then I was just wrapped up in what was going on I neglected my blog. And if you can believe I didn’t do ANY nails while I was on vacation although I did buy 2 new polishes!! I just can’t help it 🙂

 Matte Savage & Mint Apple20130423-190840.jpg
Can’t wait to use them!!

So I didn’t do anything extraordinary or exciting just visited my daughters, which in my world is those things cause they are my world!! It was cold whole time except last day we were there which hey wasn’t so bad since they were sick with strep throat. Not being tortured having to stay in house on nice warm days, although them being sick was awful. But I guess me choosing to go down this past weekend was perfect timing. Mommy loves, hugs and kisses always make EVERYTHING better!




20130423-192024.jpgWe made the most of the time we had and I even spent some time with my nieces and nephew. Always great to see them! They were all such a riot.


So glad to be back to my blog and back to reading what’s up in your bloggy worlds!! Small and short update but I’ll throw a few more pictures in.

A few good meals we had and kids enjoying our time hanging out!






Kentucky Found

It is 3:40am and I am wound up tighter than a clock right now so what better way to unwind then update you all!! It rained cats and dogs whole way and it was depressing and stressful, let me tell you. I have a ton to say but just can’t get it out in words so here’s a few pictures that I hope will show you a little about my travel road trip down! Also bare with me I’m awake but NOT and I’m using my iPhone which I am NOT fond of at all!!









Quick Note

I am off and on vacation again! I have 9 hours of driving to get done so I am about to get on the road!! COFFEE and lots of iHeartRadio 🙂 I will try to keep you up to date with my adventure I’m sure a little but I will be gone today through Monday! Keep you updated and hope to read lots of fun stuff from all of your weekends when I get back next week! Happy Weekend everyone!!



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