Can I just restart?

I’ll be brief just to get this ball rolling again.

When I started this blog journey last year I had high hopes I’d stick to it and be able to learn so much, meet great people and be able to look back on all of it. But something just wasn’t clicking after all I was struggling with last year. I right now would like to blame that darn anxiety/depression medication I had taken! I knew for the last 24 years there was a reason I never took anything.
Although others said they saw a change, I felt like I was in a fish bowl all the time. Was not pleasant at all to say the least.
A million things have happened since I lasted posted. New animals, lots I mean lots of traveling, tons of holidays, birthdays, family gatherings and last but not least I recently got married!! Yes tons of great things along with the down times have happened and I have been aching to refresh this blog and try it again! So I’ll catch you up on the big juicy details of certain events next time!

So here’s to my return!!
Thanks for stopping by!




I want to give a big Thank You to each and everyone of you that follow my blog!


Personally I think this is huge considering it is just me rambling about random life stuff on my blog and I never thought I’d get 50!


This just makes me feel loved and I think I have got my blog love back!

Thank you for stopping by!!

I’m unsure what to talk about but I want to talk to you so drop a comment in the box!!

Where are you?

So what are you to do when you are stuck on a small iPhone screen?

Last week my laptop I’ve depended on since 2009 just took a big crap on me and doesn’t work. So now I’m stuck blogging on my iPhone and having to try to keep up with all of you and to be honest it is really hard. It was so nice to be able to see the whole post you shared and actually enjoy it without squinting.
Where are you?

I am hoping with my awesome mind powers it will magically correct itself and work cause it isn’t worth fixing $$$ but it isn’t in my budget to but a new one yet so I hope you all bare with me during this struggle and if you want to share anything specific with me or drop me a note you know where to find me, my Talk To Me page above^^^ or of course Email, Twitter, or just drop me a comment!
Thank for stopping by it means a lot to me and hope to hear from you!

I want to say thanks for the support also any little bit helps THANKS!

May Photo A Day Challenge*Day 3/4/5


I have been MIA but I didn’t forget!

20130505-201600.jpgDay 3 was “this is really good” and these crackers are so good! They are tasty and not too strong and can be eaten anytime I swear such a good snack, LOVE THEM!


Day 4 was “in my cup” and it has been Gatorade for quite some time! I love Fruit Punch Gatorade so much and I could drink it all the time.


Day 5 is “paper” and when I think of paper I think of the greatest thing printed on paper and that is my GED and the papers I got for registering for college!


May Photo A Day Challenge*Day 2

Day 2 of the May Photo Challenge


Today is “morning ritual” and I must admit I am NOT a routine type girl at all, let alone a morning person. But if I think hard there are a few things I do every morning.


My main thing I make sure I do every morning is pay a little attention to Shaggy. Switch his lights, feed him and maybe pick him up.

I am not addicted but coffee in the morning is a big plus in my book and most mornings I have a cup or two. I love my KEURIG Coffee Maker!

I am on my phone ASAP checking my Instagram or Twitter. I am also on my iPhone saying good morning to my bestie, I really can’t enjoy a day without talking to her.

With so much going on with my phone I have my laptop open playing some music and open to one of my social networks, usually my blog or Facebook so I can chat to everyone in the morning.  

And that would conclude my morning ritual. Which then its bathroom time and out the door 😀

So not a big deal morning ritual at all and now that I think about it I really am addicted to my online life 😀  But for a person with not much of any routine and not a morning person I still manage to get out of bed and start my day!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you got a little inspiration. Don’t forget if you want to join this challenge check out my first post and tag #FMSphotoaday on Twitter and Instagram with your pictures!

May Photo A Day Challenge

Just today Miss Cherry Blossom Pretty commented on one of my earlier posts so I went and checked out her blog. It is pretty sweet! Easy for me to relate to and fun! While visiting her page I saw that she has joined the May Photo A Day Challenge at FatMumSlim’s Page. So I am going to take part in it too cause hey, I love taking photos and as Miss Cherry said great way to meet other bloggers when your new! You can find the rules at May Photo A Day link above .


I am starting this on the first day which is a miracle, I am always late with online things! So today is “i bought this” and what do you know but today was PAYDAY! So I was definitely out buying things! Unfortunately nothing EXCITING I’m sure for you but I love my boy Shaggy and today he got a little extra something. I am worried about him not growing so I bought him his own nutritional booster. I take them for working out and such why not him too.


It is to help his bones stay strong and help with his other vital bodily functions 😀 He is a captive animal in a unnatural habitat so I have to do what I can for him!

I am excited about this challenge and hope you are too!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all got a little inspiration!

Wordless Posts????


Okay I can’t do this…I mean even just my pictures have words. Although maybe if the right time and place, we stopped talking, we could hear or see something profound but COME ON, that isn’t me. I could talk, talk, talk and ramble on for hours and hours about millions of things that make no sense to me let alone you!


Here is the best “wordless” post you get from me!

Which isn’t very good at all cause I still talked in it. I even talk to myself in my posts. I love myself and I made a funny are just a few of my me lines. Have fun guys I’ll stick with typing all my thoughts to make sure you are all very clear on how I am feeling!! 

People’s True Colours Always Come Out, No Matter How or What Happens

True Story! Universe works in CRAZY and AMAZING ways! Great read!!


In life, nothing is better than being honest with yourself and honest with other people who have trust in you and who have always believed in you. I truly believe that no matter how much you hide behind a curtain and no matter how it happens, people’s true colours always come out. No matter how it happens, it happens. I truly believe in that analogy. People can go years with hiding things from people, but no matter the outcome, it always comes out. So start being honest with yourself, start being honest with other people, and don’t try to hide who you really are. It is not good. I mean why hide yourself? Why hide your talents? I know some people can be shy and some people don’t want to share their true selves, but its something that gives us a sense of individuality, it gives us a time to…

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I posted a few days ago I am a baby blogger. I use to use BlogSpot but just couldn’t get a grip on the concept of sharing, linking, and just getting feedback from other bloggers. So I am here now! I already have had a better experience and I’m excited. I read all these blog help sites but ugh BORING! Step 1 blah blah step 2 blah blah blah, you get the point I am more of a person to person kinda gal. But one thing they kept repeating was what is your goal or subject of your blog. Well I HAVE NO CLUE! I just want to write about what is going on in my life share my nails, fitness, trials I face, and just fun entertaining things like my coffee and wine addictions! Don’t get me wrong if my attention span was better and more focused I’d love to be a Nail blog or a Mom blog only. I’m sure it is way easier to get out blog post and they are way more focused. But I will let you all keep that going and I will stay random and crazy. One of you will find it entertaining I am sure.


So my Bloggy subject today is,

What is your blog focus?

Is it personal?

Is it business?

Is it casual?

Is it entertaining?

Let me know and feel free to let me know if I get too unfocused and random, I know that can be a little annoying. I am hear to entertain you all along with keep myself entertained. Have a great day everyone!

Blogger Baby

This is a new adventure for me! I have tried another blog site and caught on pretty easily to the tutorial stuff but I lost it all together and was no help from other bloggers. I hear great things about this WordPress and figured here is my chance! I want to write about all the simple and great things I do in my life. Share my love of Photography, nail polish, and my everyday happenings. I want to meet new people and see what is outside my little world I am creating. So here is a big HOPE going up that I will find my little place with you all and it will be a great adventure! 

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