May Photo A Day Challenge*Day 2

Day 2 of the May Photo Challenge


Today is “morning ritual” and I must admit I am NOT a routine type girl at all, let alone a morning person. But if I think hard there are a few things I do every morning.


My main thing I make sure I do every morning is pay a little attention to Shaggy. Switch his lights, feed him and maybe pick him up.

I am not addicted but coffee in the morning is a big plus in my book and most mornings I have a cup or two. I love my KEURIG Coffee Maker!

I am on my phone ASAP checking my Instagram or Twitter. I am also on my iPhone saying good morning to my bestie, I really can’t enjoy a day without talking to her.

With so much going on with my phone I have my laptop open playing some music and open to one of my social networks, usually my blog or Facebook so I can chat to everyone in the morning.  

And that would conclude my morning ritual. Which then its bathroom time and out the door 😀

So not a big deal morning ritual at all and now that I think about it I really am addicted to my online life 😀  But for a person with not much of any routine and not a morning person I still manage to get out of bed and start my day!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you got a little inspiration. Don’t forget if you want to join this challenge check out my first post and tag #FMSphotoaday on Twitter and Instagram with your pictures!


From Kentucky Found To Michigan Ground

Lets do this!

Okay so I went on another vacation and this time to Kentucky! I updated you when I got there but then I was just wrapped up in what was going on I neglected my blog. And if you can believe I didn’t do ANY nails while I was on vacation although I did buy 2 new polishes!! I just can’t help it 🙂

 Matte Savage & Mint Apple20130423-190840.jpg
Can’t wait to use them!!

So I didn’t do anything extraordinary or exciting just visited my daughters, which in my world is those things cause they are my world!! It was cold whole time except last day we were there which hey wasn’t so bad since they were sick with strep throat. Not being tortured having to stay in house on nice warm days, although them being sick was awful. But I guess me choosing to go down this past weekend was perfect timing. Mommy loves, hugs and kisses always make EVERYTHING better!




20130423-192024.jpgWe made the most of the time we had and I even spent some time with my nieces and nephew. Always great to see them! They were all such a riot.


So glad to be back to my blog and back to reading what’s up in your bloggy worlds!! Small and short update but I’ll throw a few more pictures in.

A few good meals we had and kids enjoying our time hanging out!






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