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I removed Gel Polish at home and in 10 minutes(a hand)! I came out on the successful end but now looking at my nails I need some real TLC!





I love to do my nails so much!

I feel so great when I have some fresh polish and design on my fingers. I feel so special and confident. But I must confess that I am a baby nail expert! I was originally a nail biter so doing my nails and having LONG nails at that is foreign enough to me! I can use any tips you can throw my way! I got the idea above from the Lauren Conrad site. I just Googled cause I was going bonkers with the gel polish STILL on my nails and having new polish I wanted to use! But now I don’t think such a great idea to cover these and now it’s time to get some home remedy ideas and such to help my nails get their strength back and become healthy again. I should let you know for any tips you throw my way, I AM ON A BUDGET 😛 I mean who isn’t but it is like a $5 max a week if I am really good and don’t eat take out at all! I got a Meijer Store and a Walmart to get things I need. I have never been a online shopper but I could explore the idea a little more. I just really wish a Nail Shop existed near me that had all the stuff for nails!

I am hoping to do my girl Amy’s Nail Challenge that she has been participating in but I think I need to get my nails to a good place cause 30 days of nail designs and such are going to take a toll on them for sure!

Hope to hear from all of you fellow nail lovers



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