I can’t even explain how this is so hard!

Okay I can write all day about anything blah blah blah blah! But now that I am officially in COLLEGE I all of a sudden can’t write. I get my first assignment in my class to write a Breakthrough Essay to help my professor get to know my writing style and I am freaking out. What if I do it wrong? Is there a way to express yourself wrong? The judgment is killing me! How can I get through this 12 week jammed pack class if I am unable to do a simple informal essay? But yet here I am writing on my blog like no problem.

Ahhh the pressure!!! 

Okay I first have to express that I LOVE EXPRESSING myself trough writing whether I am good at it or not, I like it! But there are so many RULES when it comes to writing!Image

I mean okay we got the basics in high school but it has been almost 8 years since I dropped out I am pretty sure I missed some stuff. But it turns out, I like English and I am pretty good at it, most the time, when I try. So why am I so scared about writing this essay when I know I can. Does it really matter what the professor thinks…HELL YEAH!! 

So I guess this post was just to express my stress about writing in the real world. Cause on here I think I’m pretty awesome even when I’m not! Just goes to show when your writing for the love and fun of it how different it really is.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my little rant! 


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