Nails Nails Nails

Iphone Kelly 1377


What can I say I love my dorky peace sign nail pictures! Oh and check my new glasses RocaWear 😀


I am not ashamed of my feet at all I kinda think they are THE BEST and are cute. I am a size 8 1/2 and no one believes it cause they are so cute and petite looking. This design was more of a I’m bored not trying hard but kinda reminds me of a real good summer watermelon. I used the NYC colors I just bought on my toes 😀 Very pleased not a cheap 2-3 coats to get color in bottle definitely buying more!!


I have been seeing so many Plum Shades and thought “Why haven’t I tied this color yet?” So there it is my plum! Confession…I didn’t do the actually painting. I really needed some love and got a manicure and had them paint but I chose colors with NO HELP from Nail expert WHOOHOO!! Usually I let them help or make suggestions but I knew what I wanted, for once, and I love it!

Iphone Kelly 1395

I also last weekend when my sister was visiting, I did my nieces nails and here is her choice! I got lots more to teach her 😀


This is my little travel bag for well wherever I am going. Full of nail stuff as you can see along with necessities of course too! A little fun picture I wanted to share Victoria Secret Bag, I need a BIGGER one!!

Iphone Kelly 1533

That’s my nail post which makes me sad cause it has been a week and I feel I should have more but I am back and got lots of ideas!! 30 Day Nail Challenge is coming soon VERY EXCITING!!! I am sure you all will get dizzy from all the colors and pictures I will post 😀

Thanks for dropping by hope I gave you some Nail Inspiration!!!


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