Remember When…

Today I was intrigued by a small conversation on one of my followers walls on Twitter Linda @Roman_Girl


As you can see in picture she asked why a 6 year old needs an iPad Touch? Well some will say just go with it times change and that’s just how it is. Okay fine you raise your babies your way I’ll stick with mine!

We all continue to say over and over again “I remember when I was young…”, well why do we have to only remember? Why can’t we put down our iPad Touches, iPhones, and other electronics and make new remember when moments with our kids?!?!

This is such a controversial subject along with spanking and all those other “I know the best way to raise kids” subjects. In my opinion though I just want my kids to have a full life, childhood. This world keeps repeating how the Earth is disappearing and one day we won’t have trees or fresh water and to seize the moments and days. So next time don’t just tell your kids go play and let them find the Wii or IPad, go find the fun with them. Build that tree fort you told them you had as a kid or build that bike ramp you have that scar on your knee from!!



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