Sexy Back

Getting my Sexy Back

Back in 2010 I went through a ton of personal stuff and during that time I was very over weight. 180 pounds is what this 5’3 girl is going to admit to. But after a few months of no soda, walking and just trying to be healthier I dropped 55 pounds!!! Yes it was awesome and tons of people didn’t believe me I guess I carried the weight well, I personally think I just hid it under clothes well. But no mater what the point was I lost the weight! Now almost 3 years later I am starting to feel it creep back. 148 pounds is where I am at now, eeeek!


BEFORE 3/28/13

Last summer I met my fiance’ and he got me into running and I took to it like a fish to water! I love it so much, it’s exhilarating  and relaxing.

Bad news it is COLD in Michigan and snow is everywhere and being a fresh runner I just couldn’t do it, so no running for me and that is where my winter pounds have come from.

Here is the GOOD news! 

It is SPRING and time to get back in shape and I have my Best Friend Megan to get my SEXY BACK with!


  • Get my weight to a healthy 125
  • Run a Half-Marathon +3
  • Healthier life style
  • Get my confidence back
  • Wear a HOT SEXY black dress (any dress would be nice though, Me=Tomboy)


 With the help of handy NIKE RUNNING APP I will be posting all my runs and progress with my friend Megan over at

I will update with new more confident pictures of me running, exercising and eating healthy!

 Hope to hear all about your journey’s to health and fitness!


Check out my partner in Fitness Megan’s Sexy Back Story



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